This is an exciting time for us, as we are getting closer to the Istanbul International Arts & Culture Festival—Istancool!

Cofounded and curated by ISTANBUL’74, in association with W magazine, the fourth edition of the festival will connect, as in previous years, global artists, designers of all sorts, architects, authors, filmmakers, actors, and musicians with their counterparts from Turkey, and will host an inspiring three-day (June 13 to 15) cultural convention program, introducing the theme of Intercultural Dialogues in Arts & Culture for the first time to celebrate a “cultural mosaic”—a mix of creative people of different geographical roots, languages, and cultures that coexist within today’s global society.

Through a diverse schedule of film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, discussions, and interviews, we are inviting festival followers to meet some of the most significant creative figures in the world and get to know them better by way of their work and opinions.

Istanbul International Arts & Culture Festival is open to the public and free. Because, before all else, we are committed to creating a unique opportunity that will reach as many individuals (particularly students and youth) as possible and bring them together with the artistic leaders of our time.

We are looking forward to everyone’s participation.


Photos: Courtesy of Demet Muftuoglu Eseli


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Demet Muftuoglu Eseli

Creative Director
Demet Muftuoglu Eseli is a boldfaced name in the Turkish art and fashion worlds. She founded ISTANBUL ’74, the first Turkey-based international arts and culture platform, in 2009. Muftuoglu Eseli ...