1. My summer reading list

Buttoned-Up (a paperback from the creators of Fantastic Man magazine); one of the most adorable magazines, Apartamento (Issue #13); and Monsieur Jean Baudrillard’s Pourquoi tout n’a-t-il pas déjà disparu? (In English, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?).


2. JUUN.J’s scented candle

My favorite menswear designer, Mr. Juun. J, launched his first scented candle in collaboration with Takasago Perfume and Maison des Bougies. It will be launched worldwide this June.


3. Daily uniform

This is my daily uniform of a blue checked shirt by Gap, a navy knit tie from a secondhand store, and a brass tiepin by Haberdashers, bought at Alan’s.


4. Blankof Reporter’s Bag

Blankof’s pieces are always strongly marked by design director Mr. Won Derghyun’s personal aesthetic sense. This Reporter Bag is just right. For me, functional storage is also a necessity, and this has separate spaces for a laptop and other objects.


5. Adidas Superstar 80s

White-and-black three-stripe Superstar 80s. There isn’t much else to say. It’s the perfect trainer for summers in the brilliant sunshine!


6. Summer listening, and 7. Botanic soap

NOON is an album without genre distinctions, somewhere between jazz, new-age, hip-hop, and experimental music. Producer Mood Schula teamed with Yun Seokcheol (the pianist of the Yun Seokcheol Trio) to form the duo NOCADENCE and make this album.

This botanic soap is my current favorite for everyday use, a collaboration between Rub Me Down and Blankof. It is made from all-natural ingredients (vegetable oil, sodium hydroxide, purified water, and natural essential oils), so it is nontoxic and doesn’t irritate skin. I recommend it highly.

Photos: Courtesy of Hong Sukwoo


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