Apolis: Nomad Market is a traveling installation that features Apolis’ collection, stories, and films. The goal of our Nomad Market is to bring the inspiring talents and stories of our global artisans to a local marketplace. Since October 2012, Nomad Market has passed through the local neighborhoods of Steven Alan (Chelsea, in New York City), Hickoree’s (Brooklyn, New York), Need Supply (Richmond, Virginia), Tenet (Southampton, New York), and Journal Standard (Shibuya-ku, Japan). We have been so thankful for the global response to Nomad Market and all the new friends we have met along the way! In an effort to visit more neighborhoods this year, we are keeping the current international installation inside Journal Standard and opening a second domestic Nomad Market, inside Willys Detroit.

We have always been attracted to the city of Detroit, as well as the recent efforts of the Shinola team within this storied American city. The Shinola team is responsible for the new 2,900-square-foot Willys Detroit retail space, with its exposed-brick walls and ceiling. We recently caught up with Shinola creative director (and fellow Style Map contributor) Daniel Caudill to help all of us better understand the future of retail in Detroit and the vision for their new retail space.
Why this neighborhood? And is there any historical backstory about the building?

We chose the location for the new Willys Detroit store, on West Canfield, because it’s right at the center of a growing retail and residential district in the Midtown Detroit neighborhood. Willys is also situated in the same building where our flagship Shinola store is located. We named the store Willys because the building that houses the store and other businesses was originally the former warehouse and dealership for the Willys-Overland Motor Company. Today, one part of the building offers residential lofts, and the other side consists of restaurants and other small businesses.

Long-term vision for Willys Detroit?

Willys is an innovative shop concept, so our design will evolve as we introduce and embrace the personality of new brands in the store. We look forward to not only spotlighting local Detroit- and Michigan-based brands but also featuring a large number of American brands from across the country—many of which will be in this market for the very first time.

Willys Detroit is the exclusive location to find Apolis’ new Detroit market bag. The Detroit market bag is our seventy-fifth City Series market bag, connecting regional retailers with our global advocacy work and helping to create consistent employment for artisans in rural Bangladesh. We are proud to add Detroit to our Local + Global campaign, and if you’re in Detroit on Friday, June 27, join us for the opening of Apolis: Nomad Market within the Willys Detroit retail space.

Photos: Courtesy of Willys Detroit


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