I finished working on Spectrum No.14/Summer 2014 last week. For this issue, we have chosen the theme “Life,” looking at it through the lens of Seoul-based creators and their unique identities. The magazine is due for publication this week; there is also some never-before-seen content that I created for Style Map readers.

0. Cover

We selected a work by Jean-Michel Basquiat for this issue’s cover, Philistines (1982), in celebration of KOMONO’s recent Basquiat capsule watch collection. “Komono is proud to bring the raw energy and beauty of Jean-Michel Basquiat to the world of fashion accessories. Each and every watch in the capsule collection boasts a uniquely printed fabric wristband. No two watches are the same.”

1. Journal

We focused on the lives of the eight contributors here. Emotions are expressed differently through each person because of their life experiences; I just want them to feel what they feel.

2. Portrait

I met Mr. Chon Kilnam who is a technology professor at Keio University and also an emeritus at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). According to Internet Society, one of the world’s leading Internet NGOs, “Professor Chon contributed to the Internet’s growth in Asia through his extensive work in advancing Internet initiatives, research, and development. In addition, his pioneering work inspired many others to promote the Internet’s further growth in the region.” Mr. Chon and I spoke about matters honestly, about his early life and the present, and about the Internet’s future. Surely it’s not a “fashionable” chat, but it was very inspiring for me.

3. Space

In the “Space” section, we explore three spaces we think there is a need to reconsider, and not just trendy spaces. We chose the Han River’s three big bridges for this issue.

4. Pictorial

The “Pictorial” is one of my favorite chapters in the magazine. It features creators’ portraits, and it looks into their work spaces. We visited ten creators’ workrooms in this issue, including that of the rock band Life and Time and that of Ms. Kim Surang.

5. Talk

In “Portrait,” we go deep into conversation with creators. “Talk,” on the other hand, focuses more on what’s happening with interviewees at this particular moment. Mr. Lee Ju-seung, an emerging young actor, talked about his day-to-day life. When I do an interview for the “Talk” section, I do not prepare questions in advance.

6. Gallery

“Listen to the creations of the artists.” That’s the simple theme of the chapter “Gallery.” We contact two artists for each issue, and they pick out their own artworks and way of representing themselves. We think of it as commentary on a DVD. In this issue, we included paper-toy artists MOMOT, who made the Nick Wooster toy that I wrote about last month on Style Map.

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Photos: Courtesy of Hong Sukwoo


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