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I met Curtis Kulig in Paris last summer, through my gorgeous and talented friend Soko. We traveled together through Tuscany and spent a few days mixing holiday and work at Lionel Bensemoun’s recently opened Hotel Villa Lena, the inspiring residence for multidisciplinary artists. Hanging out at this amazing villa, I had the chance to follow Curtis’ work every day, and between swimming under the sun, late-night dancing, and eating amazing food, we quickly became friends.

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Curtis is a New York-based artist, illustrator, and photographer who is known for his iconic worldwide street campaign that consists of a two-word manifesto: “Love me.” You can see his words written on walls in Istanbul and on boats in Jamaica. His call for appreciation is no coincidence; I can say, hands down, he is one of the most lovable people you will ever meet.

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This week, I was in New York and stopped by his atelier on Broadway. I was so curious to see his workspace, as many renowned artists have passed through Soho since the fifties. While we caught up, friends and colleagues showed up to the studio throughout the whole afternoon. I got a good sense of how Curtis lives in the city. He is so positive and welcoming, very laid-back but energetic, just like the city he lives in.

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He told me he will soon be coming to Brazil for the Worship Happiness show, where visionary confectioners who have worked with renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Olaf Breuning, and Mariko Mori will be creating an exclusive experience for guests where Curtis will extend to each visitor the ultimate blessing.

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Hopefully he can make a stop in Buenos Aires!

Download the #LoveMe App. You can use Curtis’ signature smiley for 2014 to decorate your photos. It’s fun and free and can literally put a smile on anyone’s face!

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Photos: Courtesy of Maria Lee


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