When I moved to New York this summer, my first home was not in “the City.” It was actually in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

At first, I fell for the area. It reminded me of what Williamsburg looked like when I first went there, five years ago: lots of artists and the streets were being used as galleries. I also had the impression that I was in an episode of Girls—maybe because I ran into Zosia Mamet at Swallow Cafe (49 Bogart Street) on my first day there, and because I was walking (sometimes running) those long, industrial blocks (like they do on the show) all the time. When I went into Manhattan, my friends would say, “Bushwick? That is so Lena Dunham of you!”


Well, the truth is, I was annoyed. It was far from the city, and I was always late to get to places.

Then my younger sister, wise way beyond her years, told me all I needed was to carry a backpack every time I went to Manhattan—I needed to have all my personal belongings with me—and also to get a membership at Equinox, so I could shower (with Kiehl’s products) and get fresh at any time of the day, in any neighborhood.

So, little by little, I started to get used to the trek and to fall in love with Bushwick, arriving home with a smile. I decided to write this piece about my favorite spots in my new ’hood.

First, there are the charming caéfs. My favorite is Little Skips (941 Willoughby Avenue). Always with the coolest kids you could ever hope to spot, and amazing food and coffee. Then there is the vintage shop right in front of it, where you can find old NBA T-shirts embroidered with (fake) bullets, which look awesome.

And then there is Roberta’s (261 Moore Street), the pizzeria that makes Manhattanites go all the way to Bushwick and love every second of the ride. Rumor has it that even Madonna goes there. And it is a great spot. On top of that, there is the newly opened Beacon’s Closet (23 Bogart Street), which always boasts cool vintage finds.

More local favorites are Momo Sushi Shack (43 Bogart Street), which looks like a camouflaged box from the outside, Tutu’s (25 Bogart Street), and the local organic market Brooklyn’s Natural (49 Bogart Street), all practically next door to each other.

Just as I have learned to love Bushwick, my time there is up. I am moving to Williamsburg today, continuing my New York journey!

Photos: Courtesy of Jorge Grimberg


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