I can finally say I finished work that took me two years of my life to create! I started in Paris, then made a detour to Germany, then left for Palm Springs, California, where the rest was history! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would get through these changes alive, well, and satisfied, but through the strong belief of the universe and the support of my spiritual family, I made it! Creating the album VIBES has been the biggest life lesson I have ever learned. I’m the same me, but with new journeys, and, most of all, new beginnings. The first official time I shared this work was three weeks ago, in Milan.

I got asked to play a song at fashion week in January, but at the time, my passport was nowhere to be found, and I was stuck in Palm Springs without any identification. My team and management and label were all freaked out. It was like I didn’t exist. After boarding a plane, I blacked out, woke up in Palm Springs, and left the plane without my belongings. It didn’t hit me until I got home. But of course it was all too late. I knew I had to get it because there was a life-changing opportunity in February that I had to make. Sadly, I had to cancel my gig for Philipp Plein, and my Paris agent had Angel Haze take my place instead.

PHILIPP PLEIN Men's Fashion Show SS15

Long story short, I tried every possible thing to get a Cali ID, but nothing worked. The only way I was gonna get a new passport (mine has been lost four times in the last eight months) was to get to NYC and do what I do best: smooch. I thought, If Macklemore lost his passport and had an important opportunity overseas to represent his country, they would give him a pass. So I went to the airport with all my mail and credit cards to hopefully have TSA accept my story and identify me as a singer/rapper and let me through. Seven hours later, I’m in NYC, at the DMV, getting a new ID. Three hours later, I’m at the passport control building, smooching up all the ladies who work there, saying I will write a song about each of them just to get that dark blue book with the American stamp! The last lady was the hardest to break, until I found out her boyfriend was from Trinidad, like me. She issued my new book and warned me that if I lose this, I am history from traveling! That’s like hitting a three-pointer with four seconds left in the game! Boom!

I went to Paris to handle what I had to handle to guarantee that VIBES will be amazing visually, and the rest is history! Fast-forward to June: I get re-invited by Philipp Plein to play an even bigger fashion show in Milan. We teamed up to make me the first rapper to ever perform on the back of a Jet Ski, in pure style! Here are the pictures to prove it. Believe in yourself and believe in magic.

Till next week, guys and gals.

Photos: Courtesy of Theophilus London


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