Still jetting around. Landed in London this past Friday night to deejay alongside a whole host of friends at Deviation, the classic party hosted by Benji B. This was a real achievement for me on the deejay side, since I have been listening to his BBC Radio shows for ten years.

That night, my sound was molded by the unique format of the show, playing across all genres of credible music. Mark Ronson was playing upstairs, Kanye and James Blake were in the building, and Kassem Mosse, Benji B, Judah, and I were holding down the downstairs of the XOYO club. All this ended with an exclamation point when Travis Scott almost caused the ground to shift with his performance.

Nights like these can’t really be defined as a simple “party”—more like a convergence of current credible culture in music. A monthly meet-up of like-minded kids. It was a real honor to play this one, a gig I won’t soon forget.

Photos: Emanuele D’Angelo


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