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Born and raised in Tokyo, Kazumi Asamura Hayashi launched her career as a stylist in New York in 1999. She began working as a photographer in 2005, contributing to titles such as Journal, Dune, and Purple. She also wrote for a number of Japanese magazines, bringing the New York art world to Japan. Not long after her return to Tokyo, Hayashi was named editor in chief of art, culture, and fashion title Libertin Dune. Since 2009, she has run Tokyo's The Last Gallery, exhibiting artists and group shows such as QP, Mark Gonzales, Rita Ackermann, Nick Haymes, and Terence Koh. Photo: Courtesy of Kazumi Asamura Hayashi
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    August 25, 2014
    #Fireworks at #futakotamagawa #ftg
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