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Tamu was born in Jamaica and moved to New York when she was 6 years old. She studied literature and rhetoric at Binghamton University before going on to receive a JD/MBA from Fordham Law and Business schools. It was at grad school that she realized that her spirit was in fashion and not in jurisprudence or finance. In 2005, after working briefly as a lawyer, she moved with her husband to Milan, where she started her career in fashion. She first started taking street-style photographs in 2006 for Shortly after, she began writing feature pieces for Vogue Pelle and became a contributor at Elle Italia. She launched her blog, All the Pretty Birds, in November 2008. Before becoming director of in February 2011, she had the great pleasure of contributing to amazing publications and Web sites such as Glamour U.S., Harper's Bazaar U.S., Metro, and Refinery 29. She currently publishes her blog and is style director at Out There, an international creative agency. Photo: Raffaele Grosso
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    Summer blossoms against a beautiful blue sky. #beauty #nature #grateful #atpb
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    Monday Blues... #atpb #mondaymood tap image for details. #lotd
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