Louis Leeman (born and raised in the Netherlands) and Erica Pelosini met each other in Erica’s hometown of Florence. While Erica worked as a research stylist for Vogue Japan, Louis found his passion for designing and handcrafting shoes. The two joined forces and created Louis Leeman Paris, a line that speaks to all dapper men around the world who like their “shoetuation” to be suave, rich, and, most of all, qualitative.

Here are five shoes from the brand’s Fall collection, each with its own story.
LL193-JAT-NER An embroidered loafer from the Fall collection evokes the ancient mosaics. This handmade key piece strongly recalls historic Byzantium artworks.
LL181-VLV-SNEO This shoe is embellished with black Swarovski crystals and embodies the luxurious glitz of Constantinople’s treasures.
LL192-ART-BLUE This special embroidered loafer represents one of the collection’s masterpieces. Its hand-woven fabric creates a direct link with the ancient Turkish tradition of craftsmanship.
LL189-VLT-NECF The perfect tuxedo oxford shoe, featuring innovative metal accents and finished with black patent and velvet.
Louis Leeman’s reinterpretation of the legendary Money Penny. Featured in black and white, these shoes are completed with special studded soles, all individually hand-applied.

Photos: Courtesy of Louis Leeman

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