Christian Sievers, CEO, Engelbert.

Last fall, Engelbert, a fourth-generation Stockholm jeweler, opened a new flagship store. I recently spoke to Sievers about the brand and its influences.

You spent almost a decade at Swedish fashion powerhouse Acne Studios before taking on the role as CEO at Engelbert. What did you learn from the fashion industry that you could put to good use in your new role?

No matter the product, you have to believe in what you sell. Building and promoting brand recognition is of utmost importance. You also have to go that extra yard in order to make your customers happy. At Engelbert, we thrive to make our customers feel special. We want them to have a memorable experience from the first moment they walk in the door. Most brands have a strength they want to communicate. When it comes to Engelbert, that strength is quality.


Since your brand is owned by a fourth-generation Engelbert, does that mean you have to pay a lot of attention to the legacy and history of the products?

Yes and no; many of our products are tied to the Engelbert family, or are developed based on drawings in our archives dating back to the 1920s. This does not necessarily mean that our future product lines are restricted to the past. Moving ahead, we want to embrace new design as well, while keeping quality our main objective.

What pieces do you offer that utilize design elements from the brand’s vast design archive?

One example is the Margareta ring, which was made for Oscar Engelbert’s grandmother in the sixties.

What are your current favorite products available?

Our knot rings in pavé and our elephant bracelet in red, white, and rose gold.

For more information, visit

Engelbert, Birger Jarlsgatan 13, 111 45, Stockholm.

Photos: Christian Halleröd Design; Courtesy of Engelbert

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