My favorite way to explore any city has always been on bicycle. Not every city lends itself to this, nor do you always find the right local connection to lead you. On this recent trip to Helsinki, we were lucky enough to hook up with Hessu Heino and Jesse Hyväri of Makia clothing, two of the most stoked dudes I have met in a long time and who definitely embody aspects of what make this city special.

This trip was great, from riding along the banks of the harbors—through the embassy area to see yet another hideous, newly built American embassy—and seeing Finn surfers practicing for their big breaks on Oahu’s winter shores to dive bars with former Finnish Playmates.

And if you are lucky enough to ride two bikes home after being thrown out of the only karaoke bar that doesn’t kick people out and experience the thrill of rolling down one of Helsinki’s many hills in a ball of steel and flesh, you will undoubtedly experience the genuine hospitality of the Finnish in helping you get home.


Photos: Courtesy of Max Levy

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