Buenos Aires



If you ever find yourself with a day off in Buenos Aires, Argentina, taking a walk through La Recoleta Cemetery is something I can’t recommend enough. In between playing the Lollapalooza South American festivals, we found ourselves with a rare afternoon to spare. Anyone we spoke to recommended going to the cemetery, so we knew it would be special, but our traditional understanding of what a cemetery would be like was totally changed by this visit.


The easiest way to describe it is as a sprawling village of the dead. I’ve been fascinated by death since I was young; sounds morbid, but really it’s just curiosity. There are hundreds of winding alleyways filled with vaults, some incredibly ornate and well preserved, others eerily abandoned and dusty. There are over four thousand vaults there, and the cemetery houses people like Eva Perón and presidents of Argentina. To see how each family wanted their loved ones represented in death was clearly something so different for everyone and dependent on wealth, status, and personal taste. We happened to visit on a perfectly sunny day, and the mixture of all these incredibly ornate vaults with sunshine and a breeze felt eerily peaceful. It really moved me and gave me lots to think about. I would recommend it to anyone.


Photos: Courtesy of Ellie Goulding

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