UnknownTL reflecting on his life, by the beach. #BeachLife #SadBoys

Every year around this time it has become a sort of ritual for my team and I to grace the crowded streets and sandy beaches of Cannes for the film festival. In my four years of going, I find new reasons as to why I dig Cannes. There are the super-rare, fast-ass cars with the loudest engines, the “Guess Who That Is” game (where we guess which actor, celebrity, or rapper we see on the strip), and the best rosé and beach view for a chill, healthy lunch. Then there are the hottest nightclub pop-ups, like Le Baron, Silencio, Belvedere’s nightclub, and crazy after-parties, et cetera. You have the glamorous red carpet that is actually the most prestigious carpet you can walk on. There are the private boat parties to attend—well, let me make it clearer: Roberto Cavalli’s yacht party full of A-list celebs and models. And last but not least, the amfAR dinner, which is hosted by Kenneth Cole, if I’m not mistaken, at the beautiful Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc—again, if I’m not mistaken.

Unknown-1TL and his LVRS partner on their way to the amfAR dinner.

So how does one dress or prepare for all of this—for a whole week?

It’s different for men and women, but you still have to know the vibes or you will get lost and not invited to anything. HA HA HA.

Unknown-5Simple tan boys swag.

1. Definitely need a good tuxedo, or, as I would do it, bring your favorite blazer, with Dior jeans to match and a T-shirt (no logos), and you are good to go. You can even substitute the shoes for some beat-up Vans, New Balances, or Jordans.

Unknown-2Chanel leather pants and Chanel sequin blazer (both one of one, by Karl Lagerfeld).

2. You’re gonna need two outfits a day…and that’s for the average person. Breakfast is a thing many people in Cannes will never see, because they party till morning and wake up for lunch (or at least that’s how we did it). Your day outfit should have summer colors and be comfortable. After the sun hits your skin and your perfume/cologne starts to wear off, it might be time to go change for the evening. Besides, you will always see the same people over and over, so you don’t want to look stank. Ha ha.

Unknown-3My wonderful assistant/consultant, Sami Miro, in Cannes handling our schedule.

3. I’m not a beach person. “Get a tan/I’m already black/Rich, I’m already that.” My man 50 Cent said it for me. But ladies, you def want to bring a bikini without the top. Because France is chill, and you’re on the beach. Men take their tops off all the time, so why can’t you? All the ladies there were bare, shirt off. It was sort of a heaven, with no taboos involved! Women tanned freely. #FreeTheNipple


Photos: Tracey Bailey; Theophilus London

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