This week, in the midst of running around the globe, I landed in Germany, home of the now World Cup champions. This whole trip has been wild; it all started in Brazil, the host country, then included a few fashion-week scenarios, and now I am in Cologne, Germany.

Earlier in the week, I camped out in Berlin for the first time. For a creative kid like myself, Berlin is one of those cities with a vibe that is contagious; super glad I went! I had a couple epic deejay sets there, alongside my bromance friends Guillaume Berg and Louis Brodinski on night one, then a super-fun set at a legendary club called Cookies the following night.


Had plenty of downtime at the Soho House, then was off to Cologne, another awesome city. Thanks to my background in architecture, I am always intrigued by these war-torn cities and their current architecture. While most of the city was bombed in the war, the crown jewel of the city, the cathedral, was left untouched; so in the midst of sixties architecture stands this beautiful cathedral. Before my last deejay set of this little European run, I got an impromptu tour from a friend and learned about the crazy history behind the structure. Most notable was that the spire on the top of the cathedral had fallen off and killed a number of people. Wild place. Wild history.


Photos: Courtesy of Virgil Abloh