South Korea

Baiksoonshil Museum

Artist Osang Gwon, our friend and collaborator, is showing work at the Baiksoonshil Museum in Paju, South Korea. This museum is a favorite of mine because not only does it give me a chance to get out of the city center, but it’s also actually part of an artist community. Calling itself Heyri Village, named after a traditional farming song of the area, it was designed to be a “book village,” but artists from many different disciplines were drawn there to participate and it became a cultural art village. Now, there are almost 400 members, including writers, artists, architects, and musicians, all building their artistic spaces here.

The Baiksoonshil Museum itself is a particularly special experience because of the living tree growing at the heart of the building and spreading outward through windows, doors, and wherever it can! It’s really a unique space for viewing contemporary art.

Osang Gwon Work 2

The talented Osang Gwon, who created the strikingly lifelike sculptures for Wooyoungmi SS13, will show here until November 3. The exhibit is entitled The Velocity of Sculpture, and with it he is experimenting with the fastest things that can be depicted in sculpture with zero speed (above).

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Heyri Village 2

Photos: Courtesy of Wooyoungmi