Indio, California

United States


It’s that time of year again. Coachella just concluded here in Souther California, which means all of our Instagram feeds have been chock-full of pictures of our friends dressed in their most creative bohemian-chic attire. But something seems amiss this year. Has it gotten out of control? Are concert-goers looking even more ridiculous than normal? And might it be that Coachella is turning too commercial for its own good? Red carpets, step-and-repeats, and paid appearances are now common practice at this desert music destination. We’ve seen an influx of Native American headdresses, ass-less chaps, and oversize nose rings. It seems fashion attention-grabbers are more interested in getting shot by the paparazzi than they are the wide array of musical talents. As always, less is more, in my book. Stick to a fun manicure, a flower crown, and a fun gypsy skirt; you’re not supposed to be in costume. That’s Halloween. Trick or treat, hippies!


Photos: Scott Cunha; Pilar Savone

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