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One of the most simple and classic dishes from/for Uruguayans and Argentineans is the milanesa—breaded fried steak. Every Rioplatense eats a milanesa, in sandwich form, at least once a week, with salad, with mashed potatoes, with French fries, with rice, a la napolitana, et cetera!

Manolo has one of the most delicious ones I have ever tasted. It’s a must-visit before going to the beach. I recommend ordering the classic milanesa sandwich—with arugula, tomato, mayonnaise, and olive oil—for lunch on their terrace; the simple pleasures of life!


Since 1999, Manolo and his family have run this friendly and charming market. They are very warm and make you feel at home, with great food and fantastic service! Here you will find the best meat in Uruguay.

I’ll give you a simple recipe to prepare at home. It’s easy and delicious!

Milanesa is a dish consisting of thin slices of veal, which have been dipped into an egg wash, coated with bread crumbs, and seasoned with salt, parsley, and garlic.



4 1/4-inch thick veal of nalga, bola de lomo or peceto.

2 eggs

1 cup of milk

1 to 2 cloves fresh garlic

1/2 tsp. parsley flakes

pepper to taste

salt to taste

4 cups dry bread crumbs, or more as needed

2 1/4 cups plain bread crumbs

IMG_7859Manolo and Maria.


Pound the beef as thinly as possible.

Whisk the eggs together with the milk, sliced garlic, parsley, pepper, and salt in a bowl.

Dip each piece of beef into the egg mixture; cover the beef evenly and completely.

Thoroughly dip the slice of beef into the bread crumbs, gently tap the beef in it, flip the slice of beef over, and repeat.

Fry the slice in oil for two minutes on each side.

Pat dry with paper towels.

Add lemon juice, and voilà!

Manolo, Calle Las Golondrinas y Calle de los Cisnes, 20100, José Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay
Photos: Michigan Rabbit

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