It is always a question of magic when a certain product becomes a hit in the fashion industry. There are so many great things issued every season, by the best minds in fashion, that it is almost impossible to be noticed among the biggest brands and four main fashion weeks. So when I see success stories about small brands, it makes me feel deliriously happy.

One of those stories happened to a brand from Kiev called Anna K—a name you should definitely remember. The young designer, who is only 18 now, created a line of funny T-shirts inspired by Suzy Menkes’ famous article “The Circus of Fashion.” T-shirts and sweatshirts bearing common phrases from fashion-industry language, such as “Uncross your legs,”"I am on the list,” “Backstage Pass,” “Front Row Only,” and “I don’t give interviews,” were first shown in Florence, at the Guest Nation: Ukraine (Pitti). That’s where the Cinderella story for the designer began. After receiving orders there, Anna successfully presented her collection at London fashion week (where Suzy Menkes was in attendance at Anna’s show), and then in a showroom in Paris, were she was spotted by no other than the store Colette, which also placed an order.

The “I am not a blogger” T-shirt conquered the hearts of top fashion bloggers, who began posting their pictures wearing and holding it—Bryanboy, Susie Bubble, and Yvan Rodic, to name a few. Also worth noting? Anna’s collaboration with the top Italian retailer LuisaViaRoma, for whom the designer created a line of special T-shirts with “Follow the buyers” on them. Despite being just 18, Anna has managed to capture the attention of top industry people in one just season, and that’s only the beginning!

Photos: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days

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