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Dance music “festival fashion” summons up many a diverse look in our minds, from fleets of furry backpacks and pacifiers and stilts to fairy wings and maybe even Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 runway show. Fest fashion, with its many loopholes, rabbit holes, and wormholes, might arguably (and we can hear the arguments ringing in our ears already) be the most free form of fashion as expression. At its impetus, dance-music culture stems from a place exempt from cultural norms, where you can retreat, be free from judgment, and just…dance. In our daily lives, few people express themselves through dress with myth and whimsy. On the daily, we follow unspoken rules of conduct and compromise, even in our wildest of looks. At a festival, it is no-holds-barred. Breasts are not forbidden and chub is not frowned upon; clothes can be as tight, baggy, rainbow, or glow-in-dark as you want them to be. It will be accepted, it is yours, and it is honored by the gods of celebration. As this massively growing, once-underground music scene seeps further into pop music and even onto runways, perhaps this attitude will be taken to the streets, in its best sense.

Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas is the premier dance-music festival of our time. This year, the masterminds and experience experts at EDC have partnered with Motorola to introduce a costume contest to create the costumes to be worn by the King and Queen of the festival. They are asking for your most elaborate expressions of design…create fashion that can exist within a vacuum of its own undoing…fashion that questions the limits of what we can create…fashion outside of any societal norm.

Inspired designers, sign up here.

Photo: Courtesy of POSSO

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