Los Altos

United States

UnknownChris Johanson

While the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is closed for construction, the curatorial teams are taking an adaptive and original approach to continuing their work. They have, for instance, mounted shows within other museums and dropped a half dozen di Suveros at Crissy Field. For its most recent rollout, the museum set up in Silicon Valley. Los Altos, to be precise, where on April 1, 1976, Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computer.

Unknown-3A still from Jeremy Blake’s Winchester Trilogy.

On the subject of the Valley, from its agrarian past to its high-tech present, artists including Mike Mills, Spencer Finch, Jessica Stockholder, Katerina Seda, and Chris Johanson created new work, which is installed in storefronts, public parks, and even intersections throughout town.

Photographer Alec Soth visited local businesses synonymous with Silicon Valley, from Google, Facebook, and HP to local computer repair shops. He wanted to explore the Valley’s “invisible gold rush.” “Where is the Silicon? What are the boundaries of it?” he asked. See my recent NOWNESS piece for more on the Soth series.

Project Los Altos is up through March 2, 2014.

Unknown-6Jessica Stockholder’s work in downtown Los Altos.

Photos: Courtesy of SFMOMA & Lauren Goodman