Los Angeles

United States

In my world, the mind of a woman is worth more than gold! That’s why I’m in the process of developing an all-women creative intelligence agency. 

I feel I have done my part in helping the progression of culture in NYC by sharing my music and lifestyle. I now think it’s time to decamp to L.A. to build potential minds to live in a perfectly thought-out, spiritual, fresh collaborative culture.

I mean, designers visiting artists, directors shooting iconic black men, designers, chefs, and store owners; I want to bridge it all together for the revolution I feel is soon to spark. In addition to my research, I also went out on the town today to find the minds of young, cool, busy, and free-minded international cultural beings. And I won’t sleep till it’s all stuck in the brains of leaders and tastemakers. I take photos on the creative scouting trips I do twice a week. Here are a few.




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