In the lead-up to my departure from Australia, I’m spending some time in Melbourne (don’t miss next week’s must-see top 10 addresses). As for this week, however, I’m granting you a warm-up: A new collaboration just debuted Down Under and it marks a turning point for the kinda gal who appreciates art and isn’t afraid to show it. If you haven’t heard of Gorman, then things are about to change. I like referring to the Melbourne-based brand as a delicate mix of J.Crew and Marni, and within the mind-set of designer Lisa Gorman there’s a whole bunch of creativity going on, so the concept of collaborating with artists is anything but foreign. Enter Brooklynite Kate Kosek, who has seemingly shot to fame over the past couple of years via her trademark elaborate etchings and glorified doodles. And so their 18-piece collection makes its mark, complete with neon dream dresses, buzzy jumpsuits, sunglasses, shoes, and even swimwear. It’s a melting pot of overlapping color, geometrics, intricate line-work, and triangular shapes. Most definitely not for the faint of heart.

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Photo: Courtesy of Gorman

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