I can’t tell you if Miranda Moreira ever prepared ice cream for Gérard Depardieu and Carole Bouquet when she worked for them as their personal chef in Paris several years ago, but I can confirm she is definitely making it now. Only this time it’s crafted out of plexiglass (fabulous news for vegans) and a standout design from Bride & Wolfe, her clever collection of homewares.

The 850mm x 320mm mirrors remind me of something out of famed illustrator Guy Peellaert’s erotic comic book masterpiece The Adventures of Jodelle, and when I mentioned this to the mother of two, who creates everything in her garden studio in Melbourne, the sixties influence rang true. “It’s all a bit sweet and same-samey in Australia at the moment,” Moreira rightfully notes of the homewares market. “Everybody is inspired by everyone else’s blog, and there’s not a lot of historical references happening. That late-sixties, early-seventies aesthetic hasn’t been properly touched yet, and so that’s on my radar at the moment. I like the idea of icy poles and panel vans.” Also in the cards for 2014 are more ice cream mirror colorways (think blues and greens), as well as a range of lightning bolts, strawberries, and even cherries. “For me, it’s all in the details and it’s got to be playful in an adult way,” she confesses. Enter her dream project: “I want to create a weird and beautiful collection of bed linens,” she says. “Things need to be funny and sexy again.” Hear, hear!

Oh, and bonus trivia: She also cooked for Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

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Photo: Courtesy of Linlee Allen

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