Merano Bolzano



Generously invited by Chenot, I went with my friend Victoire de Taillac to Palace Merano for one week of detox. I had no idea what to expect and was scared to death to be hungry all the time. I had never done any kind of diet in my life! I resisted the urge to pack some Haribo and M&M’s in my luggage because I was afraid of a possible “security check” upon arriving.


Finally, there was no check of our bags, but of our weight…and that’s enough to understand. I remembered with nostalgia all the cakes and all the cheese I usually eat every day. First, dinner arrived: Delicious! Phew. Then, breakfast the day after: only fruits, but that’s OK, delicious! Same for lunch. No snack at 4 p.m.? What?! Oh, that’s OK, we can walk to the very nice city of Merano and eat with our eyes ice cream and the wares of huge, amazing Italian and German food shops! Trees were blossoming, and walking on the path of Sissi L’Imperatrice was delightful.


A few days later, the number on the scale was smaller, and we could only feel better! It was a great experience, and I hope I’ll remember the simple principles forever.

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