Mexico City


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For a place with a fair amount of sunny weather, Mexico City is strangely lacking in outdoor drinking venues, which makes the straightforwardly named Beer Garden, in the Roma neighborhood, very welcome. Beer Garden is the top floor of Mercado Roma, a two-month-old collection of shops and stalls selling prepared food and fancy groceries, which includes offshoots of several well-known Mexico City restaurants, such as Butcher & Sons and Azul. Mercado Roma isn’t perfect (the lack of salads is weird, considering its location in an image-conscious area, and there are some excessive prices), but it has a nice vibe, and is full of potential. Beer Garden provides what you’d expect, and does it well—large tables for sharing, a good selection of beers, and sunshine (when nature allows). It sounds simple, and it is, but the city has room for more such places.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hamish Anderson

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