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Let’s face it, the future of music is electronic, and as much as it hurts, rock music is becoming a thing of the past. Just one peek into the EDM tent at Coachella, or the main stage during some of the headliner shows there, and perhaps you’d attest to this. Not so long ago, I had the privilege to sit in with buddy Steve Aoki and get “Aokified” as he took a crowd in Miami by storm.

There are deejays and there are deejays, but Steve is that unique combo of ultra-talent and amazing showmanship. It was similar to seeing the best of a great rock show—like Kiss from years ago—meets EDM. From his selfies taken in front of the audience to the infamous cake throwing to girls in rafts surfing the crowd, this was the best EDM show I have even seen, and the fact that he combined it with old-school show techniques left me blown away. And, of course, we had to take one of the famous jumping shots!

This is the future of music. Steve’s new single, “Rage the Night Away,” is out now, and his latest album, Neon Future, drops August 12. You can catch him August 16 headlining at Madison Square Garden.

Get Aokified and join the revolution! Expect huge things to come.


Photos: Courtesy of Scott Lipps

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