Mount Victoria


EmilieRUSSH-RyanBrabazonPhotography 1[1]
Last weekend, I spent some time at the kitchen table in Andéol designer Emilie Cacace’s original 1914 cottage in Mount Victoria, a melting pot of the textile designer’s prints and colorful mementos from all over the world.

In her beat-up R.M. Williams and tie-dyed velvet Carven dress, Emilie served up strong coffee with cardamom seeds and blow-your-mind cheese, quince, raspberries, and organic carob. No crackers in sight, although there was maybe some champagne. The skies were gray, a Fleetwood Mac record was playing, and some kangaroos were passing by the garden. It was the perfect Blue Mountains day.

Here, Emilie shares one of her favorite recipes, her mountains crumble, which I think should be called a “mumble”:

“I make a summer-fruits crumble with organic stone fruits—lately, plums and nectarines from the Blue Mountains co-op and rhubarb from the garden. I then top with a mixture of oats, fresh ginger, orange rind, brown sugar, butter, and glacéd ginger for stickiness! I serve with Meredith Valley sheep-milk yogurt and Barambah pure cream. It’s very specific, I know, but these details matter to me and my crumble.”

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Photo: Ryan Brabazon