New Windsor, New York

United States


Weekends in the spring and summer in New York are for getting away, and this past weekend was no exception to that rule. New Yorkers cooped up for months during the Polar Vortex need to get out and explore, and I’m always amazed at what you can find just an hour north of the concrete jungle. Having heard from an artist friend that Storm King was the place to check out, we navigated our way through a few trains and NJ Transit (which I had never taken before). After about an hour and a half and a cab ride, we made it out to Storm King Art Center, in New Windsor, New York. From the feel of it, it’s pretty amazing we were even still in the same state.


Imagine a vast field, farmland with amazing sculptures placed all over miles and miles of land—from a three-legged Buddha, to the floating cubes, to the great wall. Be prepared for a hike in order to see it all (unless you take the tram), and a good deal of gnats buzzing around. But all in all, between the scenery, the art, and an escape from New York in less than two hours, it’s pretty great. Go explore and let me know what you think!

Photos: Courtesy of Scott Lipps