Odessa is one of the most authentic cities in Ukraine, with its great culture, cuisine, and deep blue sea. So no wonder Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days is a successful enterprise. It has become a tradition for the big houses to present their Cruise collections by the sea (think of Chanel in Dubai and Louis Vuitton in Monaco), and the smaller brands are following the global trend. This time at Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days, we saw shows by four designers from Ukraine: Anna K, Bogdan Kass, Annet Amegan, and SSUR (an American label with Ukrainian roots).


The whole event started with the opening of the store by the super-successful SSUR. Created by Odessa-born Ruslan Karablin, SSUR now has several stores around the world, and Ruslan himself is often included in lists of the most powerful people in streetwear. I appreciate the fact that Ruslan is so patriotic that, despite his success in America, he decided to return to his roots and open a flagship in Odessa. Now, everyone who travels to SSUR’s motherland can go to the historic passage near Deribassovskaya Street and buy one of the famous “COMME DES FUCKDOWN” tees specially printed for the Odessa store on striped vests. I was lucky enough to get one!


Anna K, till recently the youngest designer from Ukraine, can boast such retailers as Colette and LuisaViaRoma. Her Cruise collection, shown in Odessa, is now represented by Milan showroom Livia Gregoretti and will be sold in great stores around the world—a first fashion victory after her success with the iconic Fashion Circus T-shirts.


Bogdan Kass, just seventeen years old, presented his third collection. Kass now better understands his niche and his client. In my opinion, this offering was a landmark for the brand, the beginning of its new history can be counted.

Annet Amegan

Annet Amegan showed a Cruise collection that was a perfect fit for Odessa: swimwear. Her pieces were a nod to vintage postcards, with girls wearing hybrids of dresses and contemporary bathing suits. Amegan’s swimwear can be seen on beaches around the world, and her client is certainly a lady of a modern sort.

All in all, the designers of Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days seemed to put the city in a perfect mood for summertime.

Photos: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Odessa Fashion Days

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