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In London we’re used to pop-ups popping up. However, in the village of Great Tew, such happenings are something of a rarity. But then there is much that is rare about this tiny little West Oxfordshire village. Like the man in whose barn the Osteria at Great Tew has recently begun a regular Friday and Saturday run (it first appeared in the old post office a few months previously). John Mitchinson is the man who puts the interesting into Quite Interesting. Pig breeder (in the next barn on the right; Saturday’s ribs were very local), publisher (the extraordinarily innovative Unbound), and gourmand, Mitchinson is a genuine original, as is Osteria’s creator, Alessandro Ronconi. He lives just beyond the parish boundary but is an adopted Son of Tew; scooter riding, chain-smoking, serious about Italian cooking, big on bonhomie. This is a tale of the rather unexpected.

Photo: Courtesy of Patrick Grant