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It’s June and summer is upon us…and with summer comes pool parties. Kicking off the season with a bang, we are playing at Splash House in Palm Springs, Calif. It’ll be a weekend-long pool party with sexy music to spare. Check it out here.

This is our guide to keepin’ it cool poolside:


We have recently discovered the importance of makeup primer. Being out in the hot sun all day can leave you looking melted by nighttime if you aren’t equipped with the proper tools. We like Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Primer and the multitasking Tarte BB Tinted Treatment 12-Hour Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. By sunset you’ll still be like, “I woke up like this,” etc. Also, ladies, don’t wear matte lipstick. It looks harsh and chunky in the bright sunlight. Wear a more natural lip liner with a moisturizing balm over it.


We’ve been to a few super-soaked pool parties at which having your phone in hand, ready to go at all times, was a hazard. Whether it’s water or a champagne shower: Protect your device. Get a good case or snap your pics and stash your bag in the deejay booth…you gotta know at least one deejay at this point, right?


Water, sunscreen, and milk thistle. Humans need water; drink it. Bros and babes, don’t get a bright red burn on the first day and have to rock it painfully all weekend. Protect that bod! You’ll be tan by the time the weekend is over. Be patient. Milk thistle is the game changer, though; take two tablets before bed every night and you will never have a hangover again, guaranteed.


Unless you have a Surfin’ Fun Ken or Bangin’ Beach Bod Barbie physique, work some layers into your look—something around your waist, a li’l button-up for when the sun goes down, even some sort of hat to polish your look. Ladies and gents, get pedicures if your feet look like you walked from L.A. to the desert before you have even left. Original swimwear is key and nothing is worse than showing up and seeing some super-cutie wearing the same getup as you. Not mad at heels by the pool, but pass on the boots, though. Boys, shake things up with a chic boat shoe.

Keep It Together

Beer for breakfast can certainly hit the spot, but let’s not get too carried away first thing in the a.m. Get a balanced meal in there. You’ll be feelin’ great from that milk thistle already. Pace yourself. Don’t turn up so hard all day that you are in bed before the maids come to your hotel for the turndown service. Don’t miss that chocolate on your pillow—you’ve worked hard for it. And don’t rage all night so that you sleep through the sunshine. Keep it together.

Photo: Courtesy of POSSO

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