Panama City



Hola a todo el mundo. The other day it was really pretty out, so my friend Marlaina and I went for a walk to my favorite part of the city. It’s called Avenida Central. If you are in Casco Viejo, it is just a matter of getting out of the revitalized dream of the Old Quarter and entering the gorgeous chaos of real Panama. La Avenida Central, or Central Avenue, is where real Panamanians shop. They come here for everything from fabrics to dessert, all the stuff you need for santería or just some pretty awesome food.


We start out at Parque de Santa Ana. Glorious Spanish vines and a great shot from any angle; as we continue, the walk takes us to Salsipuedes, a very narrow street with vendors selling a variety of goods—from fruit to shiny pom-poms used for the traditional dresses (everybody needs neon pom-poms).


Next, Chinatown, where the brilliant colors of all kinds of instruments and party favors will make your day bright and shiny. I love walking here, and I recommend you give it a go. If you are into architecture, design, photography, hand-drawn fonts, or anything aesthetic, this place is a total wonderland, with photo ops in every direction—though it helps if your friend is a model! Oh, and make sure to get a raspado (shaved ice). They are so yummy and, well, this is the jungle, so you will love some ice to combat the heat.

That’s all for now!




Photos: Courtesy of Miky Fabrega

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