This summer I have spent a good deal of my time stuck in a meteorologically confused Paris.

So the Le Bristol’s Jardin Français, right by my flat, with its discreet luxury, charm, and wonderful staff has become my favorite day-cation destination. (Yep! That’s a thing. Google it.)

That is where I met my new girlfriend, Kléopatre. That’s right! There is a new cat in town. Sashay away, Choupette…


The newcomer to the hotel’s family is actually engaged to Fa-Raon, her long-settled male counterpart at the palace, but that doesn’t stop her from parading around like a star, accepting my compliments and tolerating my courtship.

This beauty of a Birman cat not only rules the hotel’s hot tin roof, but also the terrasse of the Jardin Français and its shady magnolias, and even sometimes the reception desk, where I spotted her teasing the concierge in the wee hours of the night.

The Internet can say what it wants about cats, but in the meantime they live the good life in Paris and laugh all the way to their fancy cribs…


Photos: Courtesy of Dryce

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