Thanks to my friend Stefano Gabbana, I just had the most wonderful holiday in Portofino. It’s not my first time visiting the beautiful seaside town, and I hope it won’t be my last. Aside from the stunning surroundings, there is, of course, the stunning food. Notably, one of the famous establishments on the harbor, Da Puny. The owner, Puny himself, is there to greet you and make sure you fall a little bit more in love with Portofino, and his kitchen, with every mouthful. (He got a kiss from me it was so good!)

Da Puny
Another gem is Da O Batti, which is hidden just behind Da Puny, in one of the little alleys. There is a menu, but I never look at it. I arrive ready for the appetizers, and then the main attraction: the langoustines. This explains the paper bib, which I recommend wearing, as you will lose yourself devouring this meal. Until next time, Portofino!

daobatti1daobatti2 daobatti3

Photos: Katerina Jebb/Courtesy of Kylie Minogue