Czech Republic

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Checking in again on the summer of 2014. Being camped out in Paris makes European travel super-easy. Just an hour-and-a-half flight to Prague last weekend—couldn’t have been easier.

My usual mode of travel is to ditch the typical tourist route for the local one, or just wander around and try to make it back to my hotel. This trip’s adventure was the famed bridge. Super-picturesque. I couldn’t stop taking photos.

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When it comes to mediums of art, my most favorite is sculpture. My brain barely comprehends how it’s made. The centuries-old works of art lining the Charles Bridge are a sight to be seen.

Prague’s storied history makes for a good getaway. Highly recommended.

Do lunch at La Bottega, too. It’s a super-good Italian bistro just steps away from the bridge. Tell them I sent you.

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Photos: Courtesy of Virgil Abloh