Rio Mar


Today I’m gonna get personal and tropical: Today we visit my beach flat! Located about an hour away from crazy Panama City, there is a place on the Pacific Ocean called Rio Mar. When I got divorced seven years ago, I decided to get a beach place. It took me about four years to find the right one…then they had to build the damn thing! This is my temple, my fortress of solitude. Above, you see the beach…the sunsets are crazy. On the beach next door, a girl named Flor taught me and my girlfriend, Barbara, how to surf.

All of the furniture in the apartment is stuff I found on the highway or grabbed from my other home in Panama. The piece hanging above is from a show I had in Lebanon, at the Joanna Seikaly Gallery, some years ago.


That’s Lola the dog, and Eleonore the cat. Eleonore usually lives in New York City, with her mama, but she summers in Panama when her mamacita is in Africa, working for Global Health Corps. Wherever I go, music is vital, so of course there is a vintage Fender Mustang bass.


Many of my friends are musicians, so the jam gets jamming, and, of course, we’ve got vinyl. There is no Internet, no Wi-Fi, no TVs, and no iPods (or iAnything), so all the music here is on vinyl. We sip Kool-Aid, watching the sun set, listening to Harry Belafonte and Led Zeppelin.