There are few things in life better than spending two weeks in Rome. The architecture, the history, the shopping, and, most important, the food. Normally, my European adventure would completely revolve around shopping. Not this time. This time was serious palate perfection. Ruining all of my future American pasta-eating, the Roman restaurant experience is beyond measure. I can’t begin to describe the incomparable forty-two meals (not including numerous snacks) I consumed on my Roman holiday, and I won’t try to. I will, however, reveal my number one. (Cue the drumroll.)

Assunta Madre.

Located in the center of Rome (14 Via Giulia), this predominantly seafood restaurant was, by far, the best culinary happening I have had in my 35 years here on planet Earth. High praise from someone who thinks of himself as a well-traveled foodie, if I may be so bold. Mussels, clams, langoustine, sea urchin, lobster, and sea bass plucked from the water at noon were on my plate (or plates, more correctly) by dinnertime. The handmade pastas and sauces were pure morsels of heaven in my mouth. For someone who usually has a lot to say at a dinner table, I sat silent, unhinged by what my taste buds were experiencing. I can’t write more about it, as these words can’t possibly convey to you Style Map readers the mastery of food that Assunta Madre has to offer. Go to Rome, see the Pantheon, see the Vatican, but most important, eat at Assunta Madre.

Now I’m off to the gym!

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Photo: Courtesy of Assunta Madre

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