St. Moritz


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I recently spent a week in St. Moritz on the mountains. Winter sports are everywhere, as are other athletic disciplines as spring arrives. The incredibly beautiful landscape consists of valleys and lakes, the latter being transformed into fields for horse races, cricket, or polo in winter, and used by surfers and sailors in summer. British sports found their way to St. Moritz with the first tourists who arrived here more than 150 years ago.

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The original ancient wood-carved chalets and little houses were joined by absurd seventies buildings and, more recently, super-modern architecture. Next to sports, the town is of course a haven for lovers of food culture, luxury brands, and fine art. Bischofberger Gallery is present as much as Carsten Greve and a few others. A small museum dedicated to Segantini’s work showcases beautiful paintings of life in the mountains.

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The local language of Romansh sounds like an Italian dialect. A mix of Latin, Swiss, German, and Bavarian, it seemed to round off a trip marked by a change of seasons in a place of contrasts.

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Photos: Courtesy of Kostas Murkudis