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Les Graniers - Saint Tropez_ok

Set on an intimate beach in a cove in Saint-Tropez sits a quaint restaurant. Les Graniers is a small haven preserved by nature and untouched by time. A photograph will show you its beauty, but only with a sketch can I show you Les Graniers through my eyes…

Entranced by vibrant colors, spellbound by beauty, enamored by the sea, I begin to sketch.

The perfect summer breeze glides kites through the sky and gently drifts sailboats into the distance.

Feet in the sand, gaze on the horizon, memories of childhood, a boy mesmerized by the sea.

Lavender and rosemary fill the air, barbecue cooks on the grill, I hold a chilled glass of Provençal rosé in my hand…This is my Les Graniers.
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Photos: Courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti

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