The Hamptons

United States


On May 24, we landed at Long Island’s MacArthur Airport for our cousin’s wedding. Afterward, our family continued to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend in the Hamptons, through the 28th.

We started our trip on Sunday, passing through Southampton to visit our close friend and retail partner Jesse Warren, the founder of our top Apolis Hampton’s retailer, Tenet. In June 2011 we released a short film that explained the story behind our Market Bag City Series, featuring the Apolis + Tenet Southampton Market Bag.

Unknown-2Nick Brown, Jesse Warren.

Tenet originally started as a summer menswear pop-up from Memorial Day to Labor Day in the Hamptons, and then Jesse would head to the mountains to host a fall pop-up in Aspen to solve the sessional puzzle between both cities. Jesse recently decided to have a year-round permanent presence in Southampton, with an assortment that includes an equal balance of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories with a coastal casual edit. Jesse has created a wide and well-thought-out product range, from $42 Soludos espadrilles to $2,000 Thom Browne bomber jackets. The 2,400-square-foot space is operated by an incredible sales staff of twelve, led by Jesse’s incredible work ethic. Also stationed at Tenet this past Sunday was our buddy Nick Brown, founder of Soludos. Nick was hosting an annual Tenet + Soludos Memorial Weekend pop-up, with a Soludos Beach Bar serving complimentary lobster rolls and cold glasses of sangria while showcasing the entire Soludos collection.


We finished a fun Sunday in the Hamptons by borrowing a couple of surfboards from New York Sunshine and paddling out at East Hampton beach with our younger brother, Stenn, right before dark. The waves were waist-high and the water was a brisk 57 degrees, making board shorts a challenge, but it was a beautiful way to end the day. Overall we’re thankful for a fun weekend in which we got to relax with our family and remember the American servicemen and -women who have made great sacrifices so that we could enjoy a textbook Memorial Day getaway in an incredible part of the country.

Photos: Courtesy of Apolis/Carl Helder