a new way to d.i.y. your denim
Monday, July 26, 2010
The difference between a pair of jeans and your favorite pair of jeans can be pretty small—down to about an inch, in fact. The perfectly faded pair that hangs just an inch too long over your flats? The ultra-dark skinnies an inch too skinny in the waist? Meet their savior: Bristols 6's new kit, with all you need to customize your denim in one handy package: hem tape for length, an extra button—that slides in as easily as an earring—to save the waist, a seam ripper and pumice stone for distress-less distressing, and more. Studs, stencils, and paint are included, too, for the craftiest out there. The back-of-the-closet scavenging expedition begins now.
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