Meet the New Baby Boomers

Stavros Niarchos

Age: 25
Provenance: Heir to the Niarchos Greek shipping fortune; he's also a Guinness on his mother's side. The Guinness and Niarchos family trees are both too byzantine for easy explication, but for what it's worth, he was briefly a nephew of Daphne Guinness by marriage.
Making name for himself as: A professional kiteboarder, according to a number of gossip sites. In fact, unlike many of his peers, Niarchos appears to be a staunch traditionalist who realizes that adherence to one profession is a rather tiresome modern fixation.
Known whereabouts: Everywhere from L.A. to Saint-Tropez.
Partner(s) in crime: Everybody. Niarchos is as close to a lifer as the current scene gets, so he counts everyone from the Schnabels to the Dellals to the Olsens to the Hiltons among his circle.
Distinguishing characteristics: Strapping good looks. Niarchos is always trailing a gorgeous girl (like his rumored latest conquest, the Australian model Jessica Hart).
Seen here: In costume at André Balazs' Halloween party at the Boom Boom Room

Photo: Billy Farrell /