Spring 2011 Preview

The name of Clayton Evans' two-year-old line, Complex Geometries, is a nod to inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller. And like Fuller, the Montreal-based Evans is preoccupied with the idea of making less do more. Complex Geometries—a line already familiar to shoppers at Selfridges and New York stores Assembly and Project No. 8—emphasizes design that's adaptable and androgynous. One-third of the clothing Evans will show at his first-ever presentation on September 14 is unisex (there are dedicated men's and women's items, too), and he and stylist Sarah Ellison are working to demonstrate the various ways that the Spring '11 Complex Geometries pieces can be mixed and matched. Evans notes that the presentation will also see him expanding beyond his signature cotton jersey, introducing dressier fabrics such as silk chiffon and tulle.

Photo: Tommy Ton / Courtesy of Complex Geometries