Spring 2010 Preview

Strength in Numbers
Here's something to make you optimistic about fashion's future. Not one but two economics majors are joining the New York fashion week schedule this season. But don't go looking for banker suits. Like any good CEO, Erro's Anna Larson has amassed quite a team for her debut. Ex-Eventide designer Christian Stroble and jewelry designer Bliss Lau are on board, and Larson's pal Alexandra Richards is booked to DJ. If her collection is dark and moody, Timo Weiland's aesthetic is more dapper and upbeat. A Deutsche Bank alum and one-time partner in Heir Apparent, Weiland and his co-designer, Alan Eckstein, tested the waters during pre-fall with a collection of historically inspired neckwear that Chloë Sevigny has taken a shine to. There's a touch of Victoriana in their cropped and tailored jackets and a tomboy's playfulness in their rompers and sporty shorts.

Photos: Courtesy of Erro (left); and Timo Weiland (right)