o.c.'s resident tastemakers weigh in on what's on deck

Since 2002, Opening Ceremony has been a clearinghouse for international cool. Since their trend-spotting record is practically unmatched, we've asked co-founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim what we'll be talking about in the next decade.

"The more 'futuristic' people try to get, the more appealing timelessness is. It would be easy to say that the iPad and stem cell research are where it's at in the next ten years, but there's no way of predicting that, so we won't try. With everyone racing to communicate faster, dress cooler, and have the latest It item, we increasingly find value in the tried and true. It's not about flat-out nostalgia—what is interesting for the next ten years is reworking classics to synthesize the best of the past and the freshness of the future." click for more ›
—Opening Ceremony

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