Tavi's Greatest Hits

2000: Hussein Chalayan Table Skirt
"Can you imagine how amazing a playground this Hussein Chalayan table skirt from Fall 2000 would've made for 4-year-old me? Even today I fantasize about magically acquiring this garment, if not to climb on then to carry around and use to confuse people. It could be a giant Devo hat during one class and a mega-Slinky the next; a wooden cake for a hippie wedding one minute and an oversized ice cream cone another ('It's imported,' I would say casually as my first grade neighbor asks wide-eyed and sugar-thirstily where he could get one). I'm not serious about all this (uh, to an extent), but that idea of making an everyday object wearable is one part of fashion that lured me in the first place, and this skirt is to thank."

Photo: Alastair Grant / AP Photo