Tavi's Greatest Hits

2001: Björk's Infamous Swan Dress
"Nothing anyone could've been doing at the moment Björk debuted her infamous swan dress at the Oscars can measure up to the awesomeness of that event. Not even actually accepting an Oscar. In those few hours, no one in the world was doing something as cool. Chick was wearing a goddamn swan—a whole dress, not some simple 'statement' Swarovski logo earrings—while hiding life-size eggs under her skirt and laying them all over the red carpet. Only the coolest can pull off laughing both at the fashion industry and a bit at herself, especially when the dress has no major label attached to justify the weirdness. But in her mind it was no big deal. As she would later tell Jonathan Ross, 'I thought I was the dressed-down person, actually.' "

Photo: Stewart Cook / Rex USA