The Decade in Beauty

Botox Gets FDA Approval, Furrowed Brows Are Suddenly So Twentieth Century
After the accidental discovery back in 1992 that Botox could not only cure crossed eyes and muscle spasms but also un-furrow brow wrinkles, dermatologists began dispensing so much of the face-freezing serum that there was a shortage five years later. So what if the Food and Drug Administration hadn't approved the stuff for cosmetic use? Official signoff didn't come until 2002; that's when Allergan Inc.'s "little neurotoxin that could" found its way into nearly 14,000 TV and print stories in the U.S., boosting sales by $130 million in a single year and forever changing the way we age—or remain young, as the case may be. Thanks to Latisse, Allergan's other contribution to the aughts, an ever-growing cross section of the population is facing the next decade not only wrinkle-free but with "longer, fuller, darker lashes," too.