The Decade in Karl

2002: The Karl Lagerfeld Diet
Karl's always been one of fashion's heavyweights, and in the nineties that became literally true. But spurred by an avowed desire to wear the ultra-skinny suits Hedi Slimane was designing for Dior Homme, Lagerfeld enlisted a physician, who devised a special diet that took more than 90 pounds off the designer's frame in a year. It was later published as The Karl Lagerfeld Diet for anyone else who'd like to do the same. The secret: "I eat next to nothing," Lagerfeld revealed to a reporter in 2007, before polishing off a single spoonful of a brown paste he identified only as "protein." Better that than "sauces." As he told Larry King, "They are really the dangerous thing in life, I think."

Photo: Laurent Rebours / AP Photo