which side are you on?

"Are you ready to be the next American Idol?" It's not a question you'd think would preoccupy Miuccia Prada. But instant fame was on her mind at Miu Miu, where the designer sent out some of the flashiest looks of Spring '11—with the theme of the U.S. reality show playing in the background, in case you didn't get the message. She was onto something. After two seasons of wear-forever classics, many big names sidestepped caution and kicked their collections into high gear. The slow-and-steady model—call it Celine-ism—hasn't disappeared, though, and a number of labels are staying happily in the Slow Lane, with limited runs and paeans to heritage. What's more, we're seeing the same fast/slow dichotomy in other arenas like music and food. Where will you fall? Gauge yourself on our handy speedometer. click for more >
—Matthew Schneier

*with apologies to the Financial Times Weekend Edition

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